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Traditional financial planning organisations often have little idea about the unique needs of a client who has suffered a serious injury.

  • Winner of the 2011 National Value of Advice Award - Ability One is a wealth management and life planning firm focused on providing specialist services to people with high support needs such as planning following a personal injury settlement.
  • Ability One has proven expertise in advising and dealing with people with special lifestyle requirements; complex financial needs; and high living costs such as personal care arising as a result of a significant disability or aging.
  • Ability One provide expertise in investment; superannuation; tax minimisation; lifestyle and care planning.
  • Ability One offers a life planning support division in conjunction with financial planning.  Ability One employ an RN for this purpose.
  • Ability One is acutely aware funds must be invested to last the client’s lifetime wherever possible.  For this reason Ability One takes a very conservative view when investing client funds and provide longevity graphs out to the clients lifetime.
  • Ability One provides a more responsive and personable service offering than does a Trustee acting alone. 
  • Ability One add the most value to complex cases such as client’s with high costs or with a significantly compromised settlement.

Consider Ability One for all Quadriplegic and ABI settlements

Ability One has 25 years’ experience in assisting people with special needs and we are acutely aware of the issues associated with a life-changing injury.

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Ability One was founded by Grant White, a personal injury lawyer committed to ensuring his clients were professionally advised on how to manage their compensation payment to ensure it lasted their lifetime. Grant is the son-in-law of Sir George Bedbrook and has spent a lifetime dedicated to people with a spinal cord injury or brain injury. He has held some of his charity board positions for over 30 years.

Our other director is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) who has spent 25 years in a wheelchair.

We also have a registered nurse on our team (RN) to offer guidance and help you and your family plan for your care in the future.

* The Value of Advice is limited to AMP licensees.

Ability One Pty Ltd (41 090 569 743) is an Authorised Representatives of Charter Financial Planning Limited ABN 35 002 976 294, Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence Number 234 665.

* Only the financial planning services are provided through Charter Financial Planning. The accounting, life planning, trustee services and private care services provided by Ability One Pty Ltd are independent of Charter Financial Planning.

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