We know that there is a lot to consider when choosing a service provider for your financial planning and life care needs. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve collected testimonials from some of our existing clients.

Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.  These clients have agreed to share their story.  Everyone's situation is different, so their choices and outcomes will be different to yours.  Consider your circumstacnes before deciding what's right for you.

The staff from Ability One have been excellent and I can’t speak more highly of them. Peta has a good relationship with Jon and Sara and speaks with them regularly, they are quick to respond and offer her advice and assistance which she takes on board. They have been instrumental in getting Peta motivated and helped her to set some life goals. Ability One have also helped her with maintaining her house by organizing cleaners and have arranged for plumbers, an air conditioning installation and are going to help her with upgrading her kitchen and bedroom with more storage areas to help her get organised.

Both Peta and I appreciate the Ability 1 team and wish to thank you for making us aware of the services they provided, before the decision was made to appoint a Trustee. Personally, I wish that it had been available in the years preceding the settlement as it would have made my life so much less stressful. I feel that others in similar circumstances to Peta’s would really benefit from their life planning support.

Kind regards

Gaining control

“Hi, my name is Julie and I’m 20 years old. I was 16 when I had my accident and am now in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

I received my compensation in 2003 and had no idea who to talk to about safety, security and making my money last, especially when you read different stories about people being ripped off. I got married after my accident and now have my husband’s future to think about as well.

We had already been to see a financial planner at a well-known bank, to see what they had to offer and it all appeared good to us but my lawyer referred me to Ability One. To be fair we decided to let Ability One show us what they could do. Ability One spoke to my husband and I about financial planning but they also addressed other issues that I face from day to day, issues which they seemed to understand and they had other clients who have already had to deal with the same issues that I’m facing.

Our financial plan from Ability One had been to an accountant for taxation advice and to a solicitor for legal advice before we even got to see it – it looked good to us too. Our financial plan from Ability One will save us an estimated $40, 000 in tax in the first year, thanks to the extra services they provided in the preparation. Better us than the taxman. Needless to say, we went ahead with Ability One.

Ability One calls me regularly to see how I’m going (it’s good to be able to talk to someone while my husband is at work).

Ability One has helped me arrange a consultation with a pain management clinic, as I am in constant pain and heavily reliant on drugs which I want to stop taking. They have helped me access the internet so I can pursue my interest in art and also access the Ability One Pathways Club, which allows me to communicate with other members on a range of topics.

Most recently, Ability One has helped me with the travel arrangements for a cruise to celebrate our wedding anniversary, which I’m giving to my husband as a surprise gift.

Ability One have been such a great help, their services have really proved invaluable.”

Peace of Mind

“I was a long haul truck driver, a proud father of one and living a single man’s life on the road.  The days were filled with the roar of my truck and the scenery of Australia’s highways.  I only ever dreamt of continuing life on the road, it’s what I knew and what I loved.  My dreams were short lived.  On a regular trip to Sydney, a loose load on the truck resulted in my motor vehicle accident.  At the age of 32 – I became a paraplegic.

I knew that my life would be very different from now on.  How would I replace the steady income I had been earning in the truck?  Where would the money come from to provide for my son and help him through the rest of his schooling?

Following the settlement of my personal injury case, I knew that the money I received needed to last me the rest of my life.  I needed help to work out the best way to deal with my new circumstances.

Ability One assessed my situation and provided me with a solid financial plan, which has created a steady income stream for my daily life.  They assisted me to establish an education fund and savings plan for my son and helped me to find the right high school.  I’m now confident that I can provide for my son’s future.

Then Ability One set up internet banking on my accounts and showed me how to use it.  Now I have the freedom to independently check my accounts, anytime of the day or night.

The great news is I’m happily on the road again!  I’ve recently bought a new car at auction and Ability One easily arranged a cheque at short notice for its purchase.

It puts my mind at ease to know that there is someone I can call on if I need help - with anything.”


It is with pleasure & gratitude that we share our thoughts on our experience with Ability One.

We have had the privilege of working with Ability One following the settlement of our sons personal injury claim.

Our son means the world to us and to have the peace of mind that there is and will be someone to care for him by not only managing his finances but also providing for his needs now and for his future.

We applaud Ability One staff for the service, prompt response time & excellent management skills particularly by the National Client Services Manager Matthew.

We as parents have made the right decision to have chosen Ability One as not only have we developed a trust with them but we consider Ability One to be more like family and not just an organization.



“I was what you would describe as a normal 26 year old; I enjoyed the excitement of music and dancing in nightclubs, the relaxation of casual drinks at the pub or escaping for a four-wheel drive weekend.  I was an aspiring chef and planned to complete my apprenticeship as a chef.  I was already working as a kitchen hand.  Then my life turned upside down, I was the passenger in a car that was involved in a serious accident, I suffered a spinal injury and I am now a quadraplegic.

I had many concerns about my future and after I received my personal injuries compensation payment, I approached Ability One to provide me with a reliable financial plan that suited my needs.  My Ability One financial plan allows me full flexibility regarding future income requirements and takes advantage of all the be beneficial in minimising her tax liability, through taking advantage of every legitimate tax minimisation strategyies available to me .  

Of course, my injury changed my way of life, I have needs that are not only financial, and I now require significant personal care.  Ability One helped me take control of my situation, empower myself, by incorporating my own company and giving me the capacity to employ my own carers.  Now, my carers are people that I trust and am comfortable with.  As a direct employer I have been able to form ongoing friendships with my carers, which is something that I could never have achieved using carers who were employed by and rostered through a third party.

Just because I have my own company doesn’t mean I’m left with a desk piled high with paperwork.  Ability One manages my affairs from their office.  They pay the bills, complete my fortnightly payroll and look after employee superannuation and any other corporate affairs, at a small cost.  I have no need to actively be involved with the day to day record keeping, unless I want to.  Ability One always keep me up to date about all activities and I always have the final say in decisions that need to be made.

Recently I’ve been building a new home.  It’s well underway and as you might guess, Ability One has been happy to help where required.  They arranged an in home consultation with an organisation that were able to inform me of what aids and equipment are available on the market to assist with my day to day living requirements.  I’ve even been able to view and trial some of the aids before I make the final decisions when designing my new home.

I’m happy to have Ability One to lend a hand with the ongoing needs that life creates for us all.”


We would like to express our appreciation to Ability One for the caring support, hands on assistance and advice given to us over many years.

We approached Ability One in 2002 following a near fatal car accident in which our son suffered head injuries, fractures and hospitalisation for 5 months, followed by intense therapies for many years. Our need was overwhelming.  The team at Ability One has met our needs and continues to provide invaluable, caring assistance. Competent carers for outings, appointments etc. have been sourced, recommended and then trialled by us with outstanding results.

Ability One, on our behalf, continues to undertake payment of the ongoing expenses of our son’s needs such as Medical, Support, Social Activities and Holidays. This wealth of experience gives us the peace of mind we so desperately need and helps to provide our son with a sense of wellbeing and independence.

Any prospective client can have full confidence in the professional assistance available. The valuable services offered by Ability One come with our highest recommendation.

Barbara and John

Understanding Our Needs

“Ability One has been our child’s Financial Manager for the last 5 years.

Having the one client manager throughout this time has been extremely important to us.

They have travelled interstate to meet our family, has an understanding of our needs and is available to solve any problems that arise.

We would recommend Ability One to help in long term Financial Planning, knowing they always have our child’s best interests as their priority.”

Andrew and Vanessa 

Customer Service

Ability One has been our first choice and only choice when we appointed them as our financial manager for our son Charbel.

Customer service is A1 with Ability One.

They are well focused always pro active when it comes to my sons needs.

I am very pleased to say that since February 2010, his money has been well invested, continues to grow and most importantly it is well protected.

I strongly recommend Ability One to act as your financial manager as they have been a revelation to me and my son.


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