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Ability One Pty Ltd is an award winning financial planning firm.  We specialise in wealth management and life planning for people who have received a large compensation payment as a result of a catastrophic injury.

All our FINANCIAL PLANNING clients have either a spinal cord injury or an acquired brain injury.

That’s important because it’s a unique and specialised area.  We know the tax effective strategies; we know how to manage multi-million dollar portfolios; and we understand disability.  In addition to our financial planners we also employ a registered nurse.

Don’t make me richer; just don’t let me run out of money!

Our clients’ biggest fear is running out of money! 

You have received a large compensation settlement but it has to last your lifetime. This is not the time for speculating on investments or listening to ‘hot-shots’ or a well-meaning Uncle who claim they can double your money or they know the next big thing!

You only get one shot at this

This money has to last your lifetime and that’s a long time!  Retiree’s only plan for their nest egg to last 20 years.  You need yours to last 50 or more years.

You are effectively retiring now but you need to be advised very differently to a retiree!

We aim to understand your goals and your expenses and make sure your portfolio can produce enough income to pay for your required lifestyle whilst growing to make sure it lasts your lifetime. 

Why expose your money to unnecessary risk!

We show you graphs of your money out to 50 years and beyond.  These longevity graphs give you comfort that everything you plan to spend is affordable.   We produce several scenarios to help in the decision making on how much you can afford to spend. For example, how much to spend on a house or if your care costs are affordable.

How much is enough?

How do you know your compensation payment is enough to fund your lifestyle?  We are experts in determining your likely costs following settlement and in modeling these expenses over your lifetime.

We produce several longevity graphs showing how long your funds could be expected to last given different annual expenses.

What if I don’t have enough?

It is not uncommon for your settlement payment to be less than you hoped for.  This is usually due to an argument over liability.

This is where Ability One Pty Ltd excel! 

We are able to produce creative ‘out of the box’ solutions to reduce your expenses without compromising on your lifestyle or goals. 

A great example of this is saving you up to 40%-50% on your care costs through enabling you to hire your own carers.

We know what we’re talking about

Ability One Pty Ltd was founded by Grant White, a personal injury lawyer committed to ensuring his clients were professionally advised on how to manage their compensation payment to ensure it lasted their lifetime.  Grant is the son-in-law of Sir George Bedbrook and has spent a lifetime dedicated to people with spinal cord injury or brain injury.  Grant has held some of his charity Board positions for over 30 years.

Our other Director is a Charter Practicing Accountant (CPA) who has spent 25 years in a wheelchair.

Our Senior Financial Planner has extensive experience in preparing Financial Plans for those who have suffered a significant spinal or brain injury and in fact specialises in that field of financial planning.

…its not just about the finances!

Helping you to plan your life and guiding you and your family to determine and cost your goals is every bit as important as investing the money wisely.

That’s why we employ a registered nurse (RN) in our team.

We work with you to set goals; create a lifestyle plan and produce a comprehensive budget.

In addition to care, medication, equipment and rehab needs, we consider important issues such as lifestyle, travel, vocational interests, mobility and access. 

We work closely with your Case Manager and local rehabilitation providers to ensure you are receiving appropriate professional services.

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Award winning

Don’t take our word for it!  In 2012 Ability One Pty Ltd was awarded the National Value of Advice Award in San Francisco.  This award recognises the financial planner* who has added the most value to a client’s life.

Do I need a Trustee?

If you have an acquired brain injury or you are under 18 it is likely the court will require you to have a Trustee.

Ability One Pty Ltd has years of experience working with private corporate trustees.  Currently we work with Australian Executor Trustees. In NSW you also have the option of appointing Ability One Pty Ltd Financial Management as your chosen Trustee.

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* The Value of Advice is limited to AMP licensees.

Ability One Pty Ltd (41 090 569 743) is an Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited ABN 35 002 976 294, Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence Number 234 665.

* Only the financial planning services are provided through Charter Financial Planning. The accounting, life planning, trustee services and private care services provided by Ability One Pty Ltd are independent of Charter Financial Planning.

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