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Winner of the 2011 National Value of Advice Award - Ability One is a wealth management and life planning firm focused on providing specialist services to people with high support needs such as planning following a personal injury settlement.

Ability One provides expertise in investment; superannuation; tax minimisation; budgeting; lifestyle and care planning.

The staff from Ability One have been excellent and I can’t speak more highly of them. Peta has a good relationship with Jon and Sara and speaks with them regularly, they are quick to respond and offer her advice and assistance which she takes on board. They have been instrumental in getting Peta motivated and helped her to set some life goals. Ability One have also helped her with maintaining her house by organizing cleaners and have arranged for plumbers, an air conditioning installation and are going to help her with upgrading her kitchen and bedroom with more storage areas to help her get organised.

Both Peta and I appreciate the Ability 1 team and wish to thank you for making us aware of the services they provided, before the decision was made to appoint a Trustee. Personally, I wish that it had been available in the years preceding the settlement as it would have made my life so much less stressful. I feel that others in similar circumstances to Peta’s would really benefit from their life planning support.

Kind regards

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