Private Care

private care

HealthCare costs are often the largest single expenses you will face in your life. Our clients, many of who have complex chronic medical conditions, all choose to remain in their own home with in home care support.

Commercial care agencies are often the most commonly chosen solution for care at home and for many the cost of care from a commercial care agency is a large and prohibitive expense.

For the past 13 years Ability One has been offering alternative private in home care options to people with disabilities and to ageing clients. This private care arrangement has produced a very positive financial outcome for our clients with savings of between 15% and 40% compared to commercial rates.

We can prepare, in conjunction with healthcare professionals, an in-home care cost comparison table detailing a number of different care options to reduce your care costs whilst ensuring the quality of your care is not compromised.

Hire your own carers

Hiring your own carers offers you an increased sense of control that is often diminished due to chronic health conditions and catastrophic injuries. This method also allows you to develop strong professional relationships with your carers who are working with you in your personal space at home. As an added benefit, this option may also assist you to maintain continuity of staff.

We DO NOT support hiring staff and paying them directly from your bank account, even if the staff have their own ABN.  In the Ability One model all staff are hired and insured through a company structure.

Ability One provides the backend business administration, payroll, business support and advice.  We have a Chartered Practicing Accountant and two registered nurses to oversea this area. 

You can also have peace of mind that at all times your personal assets and those of the Trust are protected by the company structure.

The carers have the confidence of being employed by a legitimate business entity, administered independently,and with workers compensation and public liability insurances. They are also invariably paid above award rates.

How much does it cost?

Ability One charge a once off fee to register the company; conduct an in-home safety assessment; review care plan; arrange insurances; and provide staff contracts, timesheets and other templates.

We charge a simple fixed monthly fee to cover administration such as paying wages and superannuation. This is considerably cheaper than a loading added to the hourly rate of every employee.  This is where the significant savings come from.

Including staff wages, our fee, insurance costs and registration fees, on average you will save 15-40% on commercial care rates - sometimes more.

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