Trustee Services

Trustee services

If you have an acquired brain injury or you are under 18 the court will require you to have a Corporate Trustee.

Ability One has years of experience working with private corporate trustees.  Currently we work with National Australia Trustees and The Trust Company.

In NSW you also have the option of appointing Ability One Financial Management as your chosen Trustee.

Ability One adds a great deal of value when appointed alongside the Trustee rather than the Trustee being appointed in isolation:

We have the expertise in financial and life planning for clients with catastrophic injuries.  The Trustee’s expertise is in being a custodian of your funds.

We act as an advocate between the family and the Trustee.  We create a budget and wish list with you which can then be vetted and costed prior to presentation to the Trustee.  As requests for funding arise Ability One offers a ‘sounding board’ to you and all requests can be costed and justified before presenting to the Trustee.

You will have access to our client services area which includes two registered nurses.  Many of your requests and enquiries will not be financial in nature but rather will relate to your lifestyle and goals.

Ability One can assist you to hire your own care/support staff.  This gives you increased control and continuity of staff in your home whilst saving you and your Trustee up to 40-50% compared to commercial care agency rates.  Read more…

Often having Ability One appointed alongside a private trustee costs you no more than having just a Trustee.

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