Life Planning After Injury

life planning after injury

It's not just about financial planning...

At Ability One, planning the best possible future for our clients is not only about managing finances.

Ability One provides you with a life plan to compliment your financial plan.  An experienced allied health professional attends your home with the financial planner.  They will assess and cost your care, medication, equipment and rehab goals.  In addition we will consider important issues such as goal setting; lifestyle; travel; vocation; mobility; and access. 

All these costs are then captured and included in your financial plan.  This is all part of our service.

Your lifestyle and health goals will be reviewed at least once per annum and more often in the earlier stages following settlement.

You can contact Ability One throughout the year for information and advice about your care, rehabilitation, equipment or lifestyle needs.  We employ two registered nurses for this role and work closely with your chosen Case Manager.

Ability One takes the hard work out of finding, engaging and co-ordinating specialist services to improve your quality of life.  We can liaise with your case manager and local rehabilitation specialists to organise services such as rehab, counselling, specialist medical care and vocational guidance.

We can also help you to set up and administer your own care company.

Life Planning After Injury

We have helped our clients to find or design accessible homes and take overseas holidays, often with staff and equipment needs.  We have helped clients to start and run a business and we have had clients who have had babies. 

We have even arranged for some of our clients to go skydiving!  Yes some of our team jumped too!

All our clients have either a spinal cord injury or an acquired brain injury.  There are not too many things we haven’t seen or heard!  We act as a resource in helping you achieve your goals and our clients are our greatest source of experience.  We regularly link clients or families together to share ideas or wisdom.

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